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PDC bitsPDC bitsPDC bitsPDC bits

PDC bits

  • MOQ: 1 pc
  • Delivery time: 5 to 30 days
  • Packing: Plywood case
  • Country of origin: China
  • Product description:PDC bits, Steel and Matrix body

Bit Sizes:

6” to 17 1/2”

Number of Blades:


Connection thread:

2 7/8", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 6 5/8" API Pin


Double rows spiral five blades design, rational allocation of high quality small size PDC cutters. The maximum local cutters equivalent density, improve the offensive and abrasive resistance of the bit. High quality arc PDC cutter gauge, reduce the abrasion of rock on the bit’s body, increase wear resistance and stability of the drill gauge. The surface of the blade weld high-performance wear-resistant materials, improve bit’s wear resistance and erosion resistance.

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